For in Him we live, and move, and have our being (Acts 17:28a)



Day 12 (Jan. 8th) Prayer and fasting Exercise

Posted on January 8, 2021 at 1:20 AM

Prayer points


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 35:1-10

My heavenly Father, I thank you for granting me and the family of CGM the grace for the 12th day of this fast.

By the blood covenant in Jesus, I pray and declare that I will always experience divine health, divine wealth, divine peace, divine lifting, and divine promotion throughout this year. I receive the grace, wisdom, and favor for the increase of assets in every area of my desire.

By the power in the blood of Jesus, I pray and declare that my life will not be cut down in the middle of the day. God will grant unto me the grace to enjoy long life and prosperity this year and beyond in the name of Jesus.

By the power in the blood of Jesus, I fervently declare that the spirit of untimely death, the root of untimely death, the wish of untimely death, the thought of untimely death, and the plans of untimely death shall never come to pass in my life, family and church family, in the name of Jesus. God will fulfill the numbers of my days and years, in Jesus name.

I pray for my children, the children in CGM, and the children in my family, that the fear of the Lord will permeate their hearts and that God will cause them to be mighty and be great in the land. I pray and declare that our children will be for Godly signs and wonders to their generations and God will make them godly stars that will shine in their generation in Jesus' name.

Lord, I pray that our children will not succumb to the destructive enticements in the society but rather become dominant agents of godly influence.

I pray and declare that every force of life will work in my favor every day of this year and beyond. Every moment, every second, every minute, every day, every week and every month of this year will draw me closer to God and will bring the best and the good of the land into my life.

I pray that God will daily baptize me with His love and that His love will continue to prevail over my hearts and that of the family of CGM, in Jesus name.


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