For in Him we live, and move, and have our being (Acts 17:28a)



Day 7 (Jan. 3rd) Prayer and Fasting Exercise

Posted on January 3, 2021 at 12:20 AM


Scripture Reading: Psalm 63

Father, I thank you for the privilege to seek you this day

My Heavenly Father, I pray that this fasting and prayer will launch my destiny and that of the family of Chosen Generation Ministry into our next levels of breakthroughs, in Jesus name. Father, I also pray that you will grant the entire family of CGM the strength to seek you afresh during this fasting and prayer period.

My Heavenly father I pray that your seven-fold spirit that was upon Jesus Christ will rest actively upon my life and upon the entire family of Chosen Generation Ministry in greater proportion this year and beyond in Jesus name. The spirit of the Lord, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of knowledge, of understanding, wisdom, the fear of the Lord, and the spirit of might shall rest upon our lives in Jesus name. 

LORD, help us to walk perpetually, this year in your will and counsel. Let our ways be pleasing unto you, and let all our enemies be at peace with us, in the name of Jesus.

I rededicate this year, my entire life, my family, career and resources to the glory of God. And I also commit the year into your hands for total victory and fulfillment.

I pray that every unfulfilled prophecy will be activated for fulfillment in my life and my Church family, in the name of Jesus.

I shall excel this year and nothing shall defile me.

 There will be no poverty of body, soul and spirit in my life this year and beyond, Jesus name.

Zech. 4:9 says: “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it;” I walk in the finishers anointing, therefore, I declare that I shall finish 2021 well, in the name of Jesus.

I shall walk this year in victory and liberty of the spirit, in Jesus name.

Anything I have waited for till now, shall be miraculously delivered to me this year, in the name of Jesus.

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